The Camp

All the Camps are held in beautiful and inspiring rural locations.

Most Camps offer concessions for those on low incomes

Children and teenagers are welcome and activities are usually provided for them.

Camps are fully interactive events where you yourself contribute to the friendly, warm, social well being atmosphere.

You will feel that within a few hours of arriving you are amongst old friends

CAMPS ARE FUN MAGICAL EVENTS – you are an important ‘SPECIAL’ ingredient

Each camp will have its own speciality theme or flavour

Most of these camps have been running for over 12 years and can cope with wet or cold weather conditions

Some camps even have caravans for hire

All camps have on site earth toilets – hot showers – FREE car Parking – Fire wood for camp fires – Dry and warm spaces for the workshops, meetings, ceremonies and daily events in tipis, yurts, benders or marquees.

Your ticket price will include all amenities, workshops, events and activities.

Some camps even include food within the ticket price

ALL YOU NEED IS:- A Tent, sleeping bag, pots & pans if self catering, pair ‘o’ boots or wellies and an old warm coat


your LOVE-your-JOY-&-your-VISION — for a fabulous holiday ‘THAT’S DIFFERENT’