Camping Away Safely For Stress Relieving Outdoor Fun

camping-away-safely-for-stress-relieving-outdoor-funTired and bored? You feel imprisoned in your home or office? Why not take out your backpack and tent and give yourself a break. Go outdoors and enjoy what nature can offer: cool, fresh air, clean mountain streams, and breath-taking views. Taking a break can be fun and stress-relieving. You only need to give time for yourself and a few preparations.

Outdoor camping is one of the most popular recreational activity and many more are trying it. But to maximize the fun, you have to know some safety precautions. Remember, you are going to live under the elements away from the shelter and comfort of your home.

Before leaving home, be sure you have already decided the place where you are going. Consult somebody knowledgeable about the camping place about its dangers and of course the places you need to visit while there. Of course there’s the luggage. Make a checklist of the things necessary for outdoor living. Pack lightly; do not bring the whole house. Important things to be included should be first aid medicines, special medicines for the specific medical need of the members of the household such as for asthma, heart conditions, diabetes, etc. If camping alone, always make sure somebody knows where you are going and how many days you will be gone. Be sure to bring a fully charged mobile phone with you. Extra battery is a welcome also.

Wear clothes and shoes appropriate for the activity. Closed shoes are extremely recommended. Woolen socks should be worn as they retain body heat even if wet. Experts always agree and advise strongly that every camper’s kit includes flashlight with extra and new batteries, a hatchet for chopping wood for fuel, extra length of rope, a raincoat, a canteen for water storage and on the top of the list, a knife.

Since you are there just for fun, limit your activities. Do not be tempted to play every games or visit every places. Remember, you are relieving yourself of stress. Plan activities that will make you more bonded with your family. Your goal is to go home rested and relieved. And to capture the moments, a camera or a video recorder is indispensable.

If you want to go places, always consult a park ranger or a trusted guide to take you there. Do not put yourself or your family into unnecessary risks. Doing some things on your own in an unfamiliar terrain can be very dangerous, if not fatal, to all.

Also, you have to be concerned about snakebites. Orient every household member how to avoid it. Everyone must be aware that snakes love to hide under rocks or logs. So poking your hands under one is big, big NO!

Another problem is poisonous plants. Your emergency kit should include first-aid for this, and you must know how to administer it. But to save everyone from this trouble, knowing these must-be-avoided plants is a big plus. A park ranger or part attendant can show you these plants and direct you to a place to camp where you are away from these dangers. This is one reason why you must coordinate with them.

And lastly, the FOOD! Just pack enough for the duration of your camp and consume perishables first. You don’t want those things go wasted – whether it is a big camping event or just a small gathering. Just be sure also you brought your cooking and eating utensils also.

Having prepared yourself with this knowledge, you are set to go. Ooops, I almost forgot to tell you – DO NOT FORGET YOUR TENT!

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